America posts

First time for me in America – how exciting.

From Alaska to Patagonia, from New York city to Santiago de Chile – read here about my travel experience overseas…


  1. Uruguay and Argentina: About racism against vegetarians, importing houses and drunken bikers
  2. Brazil: About spectacular waterfalls, home away from home and paranoia in Rio
  3. In conflict about Bolivia: Stunning landscapes, dynamite and grumpy cat
  4. Peru: About Coca, Inkas and (delicious) Alpakas
  5. Ecuador: Traveling to the middle of the world
  6. Colombia: Great diverse country with a bitter end for us


  1. Nicaragua: My escape from Costa Rica travel blues
  2. National mourning at Cuba: Havana, Vinales and Varadero
  3. Guatemala: Suddenly hostel manager in Semuc Champey
  4. Guatemala: Lago Atitlan – fascinating people and countryside
  5. Mexico: Colonial diversity and beautiful nature in Cancun, Valladolid and Mérida


  1. The journey is the reward: Roadtrip in Western USA
  2. Alaska – Glacier hiking with Sneakers and my comfy pants
  3. Anytime again: Sleepless in Seattle
  4. Two-faced city Vancouver: drug swamp and leisure paradise
  5. From Wild West to the Pacific Ocean: My little road trip in Canada
  6. Calgary: Pipe breakdown in cowboy town
  7. Québec and Ottawa – getting out of hostel cabin fever
  8. Canada: Niagara, Toronto and my new temporary home Montréal
  9. New York, New York: Sightseeing, diversity and clichés
Glacier walking in Jasper
Glacier walk at Jasper national park