Fräulein globetrotter is taking off

Now it is actually time to take off. I still can’t believe it. Slightly the feeling appears that starting a world trip is obviously something different than just taking the plane for a three weeks vacation.



After month of planning, 10times backpack repacking and numerous night shifts with serving guests to earn some more travel budget I am finally at the airport and start to realize what I am heading to.




Obviously it is something completely different to plan a world trip with the help of an excel sheet. Just in the moment when you have to say goodbye to the best friends in the world – when every hug, every call and every message brings one addition drop of tears into your eyes – you realize that it actually is real.


OmaBig thanks to everyone for the great farewell party! But as my neighbor said: “You never leave entirely.” But now it is time for Fräulein globetrotter (Weltenbummel) to enter the first plane and start her world trip – from Hamburg to Cologne.