Taipei – colossal dogs, earthquakes and divers goodies and oddities

Not sure if pictures can give you a rough idea of Taipei – an extremely amazing city! Sadly, for me Taiwan was just a far to short stopover on my way to Japan.

Modernes und traditionelles Taipeh
Modern and traditional Taipei
Blick vom Taipeh 101 - dem 5. höchsten Gebäude der Welt
View from Taipei 101 – 5st highest building in the world 

Taiwan, which is more or less a part of China but somehow not really does not seem Chinese to me at all. The people are relaxed, extremely friendly, communicative and apparently want to practise their English by talking to me.

Out of a sudden three girls are asking me if I am willing to do a spontaneous street interview – of course I am – I have plenty of time.

At every corner in Taipei you can find some oddities like colossal dogs, shrimp fishing, women real-time restroom displays and so on. We, my Canadian traveller friend Carrie and myself are taking photos all the time.

I can’t get tired of doing window shopping – I you are looking for something – you can definitively get it in Taiwan.

Everywhere you can also feel the Japanese influence – starting with the architectural style of some houses and continuing with heated toilet seats, the in China completely unknown waste separation and the culinary variety. Eating delicious stuff 24/7 – not an issue in Taipei.

Essen, Essen, Essen - frisch, gewürzt und unglaublich lecker
Food, food, food – fresh, spicy, delicious – Thanks a lot to Adery for taking us out for dinner!

Although I have just have been in the capital I can completely understand why the Portuguese conquerors named Taiwan „Ilha Formosa“ – beautiful island. The relaxed atmosphere definitively reminds me more of Portugal than of China.

After Nepal I unfortunately also had to experience my second earthquake in Taipei. While I was already packing my passport, wallet, water bottle, mobile and spare battery my friend Ricky and the people in the hostel trying to comfort me. Obviously there are about 5-10 earthquakes per day in Taiwan – the one this evening was a 5.6 one – strong but harmless. Apparently the walls oft he building are made of steel and the house has several dumpers – well – then let’s switch back to relaxation mode.

This afternoon I am heading the land of smile – Japan – my next-to-last target in Asia.