Singapore – je t’aime

For some cities you just know that you will come back – I had this feeling in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Paris – and just right now – in Singapore.

Singapore is great – in one moment you are standing at the rooftop of poshy Marina Bay Sands hotel – after going to metro stops you are in vibrant China Town inbetween all the Chinese New Year decoration. In just a five minutes ride you can find beautifully dressed women in sari – that’s Little India.

Marina Bay
Marina Bay
Nice zoo in jungle style
Nice zoo with jungle character

Starting from the super exclusive finance quarter it just takes 10 minutes to get to the the universal studios at Sentosa fun island or the nice sandy beaches. The next day you can go and watch white tigers and bats at Singapore Zoo.

Despite the really humid climate especially in the evenings you can see numerous joggers running around the bay.

By looking at all the Asians in their smart business dresses I feel a bit underdressed in my backpacker wardrobe.

Diverse Singapore
Diverse Singapore


Especially after having been to chaotic Kathmandu and wild Bangkok you hardly believe to be in Asia anymore. Everything is super clean and regulated. For example it is absolutely forbidden to throw anything on the ground or to eat and drink in the metro (penalty: 330€).


Art everywhere - I like
Art everywhere – I like

Unfortunately – compared to my former travel destinations – Singapore is extremely expensive. For this reason I nourish myself with crackers, fruits and oatmeal from the supermarket instead of buying expensive sandwiches for 7€ or going for dinner. Also I deny myself any beer (8€ per can), wine and cocktails – instead I am heading for Little Indias food markets where you can get a proper delicious dish for 3.50€ or prepare myself pasta with tomato sauce with the help of the microwave – back in student times J

As soon as I got my visa for China I make my way to Malaysia – looking forward to have a feast there for just a few Euros.