Being a coconut once in a lifetime – Yoga and Meditation Retreat at Boracay

Have you ever been a coconut, breathed in a chakra or did headstand at the beach? Yes? Really? Well, then for sure you have also done a „7 Days Transforming Meditation and Yoga Retreat “ at Boracay.

During my whole travels I am planning fort he first time to stay at one single place for more than a week – at Boracay – one of the 7,000 Filipino islands. Beach, palm trees, ocean – there are worse places in the world to recharge your battery!

Traumkulisse - White Sandy Beach
Paradise – White Sandy Beach

But just laying around at the beach, doing nothing and get roasted like a duck – never. Try something new I though by booking a – as I thought – Yoga course right before my departure in China. Finally some sports again – the masterplan for Boracay was set.

Sunset yoga - that's how sport's fun!
Sunset yoga – that’s how sport’s fun!

By having a second glimpse at the course title I was a bit shocked – „7 Days Transforming Meditation and Yoga Retreat “. Main course target obviously isn’t to improve your butt but broaden your consciousness by meditation. I was super skeptical and saw myself already sitting there in cowl humming „OMMMMM“. Luckily things do not turn out the way I expected, as OSHO meditation techniques are more ACTIVE than sitting in circles buzzing around.

Just one week ago I never have thought about to experience myself in a completely different way just by breathing. Meanwhile I know by my own experience that – with the help of specific breathing techniques – you can create effects similar to LSC consumption. What a trip – I could tell you stories. What a weird feeling to be totally convinced to be a coconut, a starfish or a cancer animal. And this is actually the cool stuff (not like sea weed and stones). Meditation actually is a crazy experience bringing all your hidden feelings and thoughts to the surface.

Sunsets like at a wallpaper
Sunsets like at a wallpaper

After one week of dancing, shaking, boxing and breathing like hell I am more relaxed than ever and thanks to my French Yoga and Meditation teacher Samuel super fit – mentally and physically (not considering the slight food poisoning). Mission “recharging my battery” successfully completed.

Tomorrow I am flying via Cebu to Siargao – THE surfer hotspot of the Philippines – let’s see how I am doing on the board.