New York, New York: Sightseeing, diversity and clichés

If you type into google “Songs about New York City” you are busy with scrolling down for at least 10 minutes.

After 8 days in this city I can understand completely which there is so much to tell about this amazing city. In NYC obviously there is a place for everyone and there is nothing you cannot find there.

New York Walking Tour
Pics of my 14 hours New York City walking tour

My time in NYC could not have been more adventurous and divers – after relaxed morning jogs at Central Park the afternoons were packed with sightseeing around busy Manhattan midtown. The next day I met Michael and K.C. – the friends from my boat trip at the Philippines for breakfast – it feels like being back home in Hamburg. In the evening Michael took me to his work and I experienced him playing the organ at St. Patrick’s Cathedral – a really special and memorable NYC experience.

Museum, musical and food
Museum, musical and food

After having ticked the boxes of my personal tourist agenda (eat cheesecake, see a Broadway musical, enjoy the view of Rockefeller observatory and see dinosaurs at American Museum of Natural History) I spend the next days mainly with people of my hostel. After a comedy show we enjoyed New York City nightlife and went home after having watches sunrise at a rooftop terrace – such a special morning!!!!

The next days I went for two 6-14 hour walking tours to see the highlights of Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx (which was named after one of the first Dutch immigrants Jonas Bronck). Especially in Brooklyn and the Bronx you can see a lot of hints of the former British and Dutch areas.

Manhattan highlights
Manhattan highlights

It is hard to believe how much diversity you can experience in one single city and at one single day:

  • At the Bronx tour we pass a lot of big people with walking sticks – our guide comments this with “unfortunately this is the fate of many low paid immigrants – bad nutrition which leads to typical diseases.”
  • In the evenings the host family of my friend Rebecca shows me around the hipster town Williamsburg where you have the choice if you want oysters from the east or west coast. Next door they are shooting the TV series “Girls”.

Obviously NYC also is one of the most divers cities in the world.

After 8 days I need time to think over all this overwhelming impressions – I assume the nature at Niagara Falls is a good place to do so.