Totally different instead of same same – Hong Kong and Pulau Tioman

Hong Hong and Pulau Tioman – there could not have been a bigger difference between my last two Asian destinations.

Within a few days the coconut and the empty beach turns into an a sea of skyscrapers. The shy smiling yashmaked Malaysians are turning into self confident Hong Kong Chinese with cropped mini-dresses. While at Tiomoan Island 5€ per day are far enough for three proper meels you are surprised in Hong Kong – which by the way means „fragrant harbour“ – where the 50€ from this morning went to.

What both places have in common is their incredible hospitality.

Paradise island Pulau Tioman

Well – there is a time for everything – and now it is time for my birthday. Who knows me a bit better is aware of how much I like big birthday celebrations – and – thanks to the time difference – in Hong Kong I have 32 hours to celebrate. 🙂

Hong Kong skyline and Tao Tempel
Hong Kong skyline and Tao Tempel

By planning my itinerary I decided to be with beloved people during my birthday instead of random hostel people. My friends Anne and Ricky as well as the numerous best wishes from home made this day really special for me.

Amazing 32 hours birthday party :-)
Amazing 32 hours birthday party 🙂
Black eggs - yummy!
Black eggs – yummy!


Hong Kong was an amazing, smooth start into the big adventure China – I am excited and curious which situations will come up in this huge country.