Maldives: Quizmaster in paradise

Today actually my approbation period has finished.  So it’s definitively at the time to write something about my life here at Maldives. For three month I am now already working at a place where lot of people dream to go ones in their lifetime. Everyday fifty shades of blue, white sandy beaches, green palm trees in front of my room.  A postcard paradise destination.

Sunsets like at paintings of Caspar David Friedrich

Multiple times a day I am going in my red-white uniform on the wooden Dhoni boat to pick-up guests from the seaplane.

My new office

I welcome them to our resort, give them refreshments, check them in, taken them on a little island tour in German, English, French or Spanish and wish them a nice holiday. Welcome to my new working place in paradise.

Just a couple of weeks ago I was still travelling around New Zealand, sleeping in a car at remote parking spots at the beach. Now I am for real back to work again – this time at a Maldivian hotel resort. Actually I am really thankful for the opportunity I got to always try different roles and positions in my life.

People who know me very well are aware that I love to host guests – at the moment it is just not as usual in my 62 m2 flat in Hamburg but at a 600 x 200 m big island in the Maldivian Baa atoll.

School at a local neighbor island

For 8 hours per day, 6 days per week I am now working in Guest Relations, going as a tour guide on excursions to local Maldivian islands, showing the guests our resort from inside at the “tour behind the scenes” and hosting the daily welcome cocktail several times a week.


Yep – I am actually working. Host of the moonlight BBQ.

In the evenings I am transforming myself either into a quiz master, presenting the karaoke evening, announcing the traditional Bodu Beru dancing group, the movie of our diving center or am just dancing barefoot at the beach to the rhythms of “Despacito”. Working in Guest Relations at the Maldives – for sure a pretty diverse job.

Sometimes I am even working as flower girl

Believe it or not – life in paradise can become an everyday routine as well. Work is still work – even if it is done barefoot at 29 degrees. (Like my mum would say now – that’s why it is called work and not vacation)

Well, but of course living in a resort island also has its advantages, which you tend to forget in your every day routine so quickly.


Dolphins in front of the door

I do not have to go for any grocery shopping, have a massive choice of tasty food at the breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet every day. The room, I am sharing with a colleague from St. Petersburg, is getting cleaned twice a week. My uniform is coming back from laundry – cleaned and ironed. Well, doesn’t it sound like a combination of hotel Mama and living in a travel brochure?

Pics from family and friends at my wall 🙂

Like during my world trip I am really missing my family and friends from home here at the island – especially to share all the nice memories. Guests you really liked are leaving after two weeks. At the weekends you cannot go for shopping, to the cinema, theater or just to an other city – you are stuck on an island.


Also an island with 350 employees – 30 women – is actually not very different to a normal office. Well, if you go for dinner with someone for too often or walk around the island together twice you are already seen as a potential fourth wife – not that this would be my plan.

What I really liked about travelling were the numerous new inspirations and triggers for my brain. Here at the island I am also meeting band members, professional football players, marathon runners, life coaches and former world travellers.

Snorkeling with Manta rays at Hanifaru bay


But now I do not need to have a look where to sleep every night or when the next night bus is departing to the neighbor country. Before work I am going for a run, snorkeling or at my off days under water with our cool dive crew.


Sunset-Bar – for me the best place on the island

I am getting to the point where I can really cope with all the impressions from my world trip, to come back to routine and work at the plan for “the time after the world trip”.

Yesterday evening I successfully entertained the guests with my world trip quiz where they had to guess the location and the name of famous monuments around the world. The majority of pictures were from my own world trip. Mission processing memories successfully started – with beamer and a super big screen.

Let’s see what the next three month in paradise will bring. Hopefully the rainy season will not be as bad as its name. I will keep you posted.

Time to think…