About me


Welcome at my blog!

I am Antje and have the dream traveling around the world. You ask “Why?” “Why not!”

Well, so far everything in my live went pretty smooth and fast:

  • A-Level with 18
  • Finished combined bachelor studies with 21 years
  • Master Marketing&Sales – tick in the box with 27
  • Experiences in different branches and positions – got it
  • Worked and studies abroad – of course

…and then the rat race started. Every day seems to be similar – every week in general was a like the one before.

Last year – I learned about the greek word “meraki” and thought about if I currently do everything in my live with “soul, love and creativity” or if I still got an unfulfilled dream. After I tried lot of crazy things like skydiving and marathon running it has not not disappeared –  the dream of traveling around the world.


With the age of 28 I now finally quit my job, stored all my belongings, rented my flat and are looking forward to go around the world through Asia, Americas and Oceania. Along the journey I will meet friends from Germany and allover the world in their home countries.

I am looking forward to crazy, spontaneous and unforgettable time and want my family and friends to join my trip virtually by doing this blog –  www.365daysmeraki.com.