Tour d’Europe – travelling in Europe at match-free days

Where are you at the moment? In June and July this is for sure an appropriate question as I am flying around quite a lot around Europe when there are no matches at Stade de France.

Travelling in Europa
Travelling in Europa

Travelling in Europe at the moment seems to my a bit like summer holidays – even more as the slight rain in Paris did not make it feel like summer most of the time. My destinations? Pretty spontaneously I spend the last 3 weeks at the French regions Brittany&Normandy, at the Italian island Sardegna, in Rome, Switzerland and Barcelona – a little tour d’Europe.


Inspired by a crime novel I originally wanted to visit the British channel islands Guernsey and Jersey but the 100€ per night and the rainy weather let me change my mind. Will go there at an other day for sure:-) Instead I made my way to the French regions Brittany and Normandy.

Mont Saint Michel
Amazing Mont Saint Michel

Since I have done my school exchange in France I always wanted to see Mont Saint Michel – a mysterious abbey on the top of a mountain in the north of France. Thanks to the cheap long distance busses I made it from Paris to Rennes for 19€ and the day after to my desired mountain.

The view was more amazing than I expected and I already had goose bumps at the first glimpse on it. Obviously mountain views like Mt. Fuji and Mt. Saint Michel do that to me. Well, this really sounds a bit weird. After experiencing the great view from the old abbey, having a typical pancake (“Gallet”) and cidre wine I made my way back to Paris – having the little cute stone houses in my memory. What a great destination for holidays.


After the next match in Paris I joined my former neighbors for their holidays at the little Italian island Sardegna.

Summer holidays at its best
Summer holidays at its best

The offered farm tour and olive oil tasting resulted in a long lasting afternoon with a lot of red wine – it for sure was the fault oft he owners who refilled our glasses all the time. The next day we took a nice walk in Alghero – called “Little Barcelona”. The feeling was a bit like there – but nothing can compete with the real Barcelona…Anylhow, I really would have loved to stay longer as this island is an ideal destination for real good relaxation and chill out.


On my way back to Paris I “unfortunately“ had a 12 hour stopover in Rome. Fast-forward I passed all the historical sights at the 35 degrees hot open air museum.

Supporting my team in Rome
Supporting my team in Rome

Thanks to the amazing 3:0 match of our football national team I did not have to change and could walk around in my Germany shirt nearly the whole evening.

As Italy is also famous for shopping, some old stuff had to leave my backpack and some new clothes made their way in my wardrobe 🙂 What a great way to use a 12 hours stopover.



After the match Spain vs. Italy in Paris I follow a spontaneous invitation to Switzerland.

Enjoying nature in Switzerland
Enjoying nature in Switzerland

Frankly speaking – before my visit I could tell more things about China than about our neighbour country. But who travels also gets educated and I learned a lot in this few days.

By understanding Swiss German and French I already knew two out of the five national languages. My hosts also helped me to substitute my prejudges with real facts and experience their amazing home country.

I will always keep the great days at the Bodensee, Rhine waterfall, in St. Gallen and Zurich in my mind and heart – and especially the amazing nature, nice historical cities and relaxed, positive people will make me come back one day.


A few days after the quarter final Island – France I was heading towards my last destination in Europe – real Barcelona – for taking a Spanish language course to be prepared for South America. I was surprised how quick you learn and the memories from scholl times come back. Thanks to the classes at Camino language school I am now able to understand a lot of this quickly spoken language and are able to speak a lot more than just “Dos cervezas pro favor.” 🙂

And IIIII will always love youuuuuuu…amazing Barcelona

For sure one of my highlights was the visit of my mum in Barcelona. To go to the openair cinema, visit the beautiful markets and sights and enjoy the great tapas together was great fun and felt a bit more like home.

Now I am heading to Stade de France for the last time – grand final between France and Portugal. After that my little minion and me are looking forward to our first time in America – we are already sooooo excited 🙂