Fräulein globetrotters travel birthday: 12 month on the road

It is still kind of unreal – 12 month, 366 days ago I’ve been at the airport in Hamburg waiting for my flight departure. The 13st January 2016 was the start of my so far 1 year lasting trip to 28 different countries!

Many of you wished that I would find what I was looking for. What exactly this should be I just realized by being on the road already: I wanted to regain some easiness, try new stuff, get curious about things, people and the world again – and succeeded! 

Me around the world
Now, 12 month later I am sitting here in a hip hostel in Santa Marta (Colombia) having 25°degrees at 8 p.m. with my lovely Cali-cap, my favourite travel jumper in Hamburg style, four colorful woolen bracelets and my new tattoo and think about where I have been at the last 12 13st:

  • 13/12 Nicaragua
  • 13/11 Guatemala
  • 13/10 Mexico
  • 13/09 Alaska
  • 13/08 Canada
  • 13/07 New York City
  • 13/06 Paris
  • 13/05 Burma
  • 13/04 Philippines
  • 13/03 China
  • 13/02 Nepal
  • 13/01 Hamburg Airport

Even it already has been a year – it is still hard to realize that so many things happened.

I did:

  • a lot of great stuff I never thought I would be able to do
  • overcome some fears and aggressions
  • realized that you do not need to try everything or like everyone
  • find new things I love
  • learn new languages and about new cultures
  • meet a lot of amazing new people from all over the world

Amazing people who joined me or I met again on the way
Great people who joined me or I met again on the way
I am aware that being able to do a trip like this is a gift which would not be possible to realize without the support of my family and friends. Thanks for staying in contact, to ask – even if you think “she is at the beach anyhow” – how I am and to support me at bad travel days. Thanks for being how you are and supporting me at the next part of my trip!