My travel blog

During my trip I shared numerous memories with the help of my blogposts. Here you can find my:

  1. Maldives (Part 1): Quizmaster in paradise
  2. New Zealand: Roadtrip in the country of the long white cloud
  3. Chile: Travelling Patagonia with hand luggage
  4. Uruguay and Argentina: About racism against vegetarians, importing houses and drunken bikers
  5. Brazil: About spectacular waterfalls, home away from home and paranoia in Rio
  6. In conflict about Bolivia: Stunning landscapes, dynamite and grumpy cat
  7. Peru: About Coca, Inkas and (delicious) Alpakas
  8. Ecuador: Traveling to the middle of the world
  9. Colombia: Great diverse country with a bitter end for us
  10. Fräulein globetrotters travel birthday: 12 month on the road
  11. Nicaragua: My escape from Costa Rica travel blues
  12. National mourning at Cuba: Havana, Vinales and Varadero
  13. Guatemala: Suddenly hostel manager in Semuc Champey
  14. Guatemala: Lago Atitlan – fascinating people and countryside
  15. Mexico: Colonial diversity and beautiful nature in Cancun, Valladolid and Mérida
  16. The journey is the reward: Roadtrip in Western USA
  17. Alaska – Glacier hiking with Sneakers and my comfy pants
  18. Anytime again: Sleepless in Seattle
  19. Two-faced city Vancouver: Drug swamp and leisure paradise
  20. From Wild West to the Pacific Ocean: My little road trip in Canada
  21. Calgary: Pipe breakdown in cowboy town
  22. Québec and Ottawa – getting out of hostel cabin fever
  23. Canada: Niagara, Toronto and my new temporary home Montréal
  24. New York, New York: Sightseeing, diversity and clichés
  25. Tour d’Europe – travelling in Europe at match-free days
  26. Germany and Amsterdam: Recharging battery with family and friends
  27. Paris: Claude Monet, demonstrations and European football championship
  28. Myanmar – My new favorite in Asia
  29. Fast-forward through Japan – Part 3: Kyoto, Mt. Fuji and Tokyo
  30. Fast-forward through Japan – Part 2: Miyajima and Kobe
  31. Fast-forward through Japan – Part 1: Osaka and Hiroshima
  32. Taipei – colossal dogs, earthquakes and divers goodies and oddities
  33. Being a coconut once in a lifetime – Yoga and Meditation Retreat at Boracay
  34. Horse riding like Dschingis Khan in Inner Mongolia
  35. Beijing – there is no in-between – either you like or hate it
  36. Chengdu – Pandas, teahouses and the modern China
  37. Getting lost along the way – Shanghai (too short) – Xi’an (too long)
  38. Noisy, unpolite, ignorant – Welcome to China
  39. Totally different instead of same same – Hong Kong and Pulau Tioman
  40. Singapore – je t’aime
  41. Never been a big fan of hiking – and then trekking in Nepal happened
  42. Nepal – Culture, clinic and crematorium in Kathmandu
  43. Laos: Things never turn out the way you expect
  44. Backpacker transformation and wild (party) monkeys in southern Thailand
  45. I believe I can fly – taking off and relaxing in Chiang Mai
  46. Bangkok – stories about the holy codfish, wedding proposals and organ markets
  47. Fräulein globetrotter is taking off
  48. Bye bye office, good morning world!

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