I believe I can fly – taking off and relaxing in Chiang Mai

After the sticky and hectic start in Bangkok the next destination – Chiang Mai – will be a more relaxed one – temperature and mentality wise.

Regarding the summery temperatures of 19 degrees we were indeed slightly confused about local people running around with woolen heads and down jackets. Well, for them obviously this is hard winter – nearly similar to Germany J

The relaxation – or lets name it torpor – of the people is rubbing off on us and our daily itineraries are shifting from sight seeing to relaxed cycling, strolling around, getting massages and food.

Entspannter Tag in Chiang Mai
Relaxed day in Chiang Mai

Furthermore Chiang Mai is famous for its more than 300 Wats – the name of the local temples – which we went to see all (actually we did one) and of course trekking. As trekking is not enough action for me I was testing my airworthiness. Have a look …

Zip Lining in Chiang Mai forest

That’s it so far from Thailand – now we are heading to Laos without any idea about the country. We assume that the “land of million elephants” will be more difficult to travel than very touristy Thailand. La gen ká Thailand, Sabaidii Laos.