Germany and Amsterdam: Recharging battery with family and friends

Sharing a room with 27 strangers or enjoying a 16 hours night train at 30 degrees in Myanmar – sometimes traveling is just exhausting.

For this reason it was amazing to have a two weeks in Germany and Amsterdam to recharge the battery with my family and friends.

0c7218e8913f7200c12bf99fe00bd0ecIf enjoying homemade food and sitting at a beach chair in Rödental or chatting with my mum at the terrace in Frankenblick, doing BBQ and watching American football in Dresden, having nice chilled (foodie) afternoons and evenings in Hamburg, doing funny ninepins at Dürer Stuben or relaxed walks in Neukirchen-Vluyn or taking a drink at Amstel waterside in Amsterdamit has been amazing 14 days!! 

Thousand thanks to my family and friends for the great hospitality!!!

Family time in Frankenblick, Rödental und Dresden
Family time in Frankenblick, Rödental und Dresden

So, being back – what is my first impression of Germany?

  • It is super green and clean everywhere
  • The air in summer smells amazing
  • The people are moving suuuuper fast (especially in Hamburg and Amsterdam)

What (besides food, currency, climate, etc.) is different to Asia?

  • No one is staring and taking photos of me (at the beginning you really miss it)
  • I always bump into people as I am still walking on the left side
  • Jetlag is hard to get rid of and I am freezing most of the time (difference in temperature is 20 degrees)

What did I actually miss?

  • To be hugged by so many familiar people
  • Eat BBQ, fruits and homemade food
  • Sitting outside (unfortunately not familiar everywhere in Asia)
  • To be able to read what you buy at the supermarket
Relaxing with friends in Hamburg, Neukirchen-Vluyn und Amsterdam
Relaxing with friends in Hamburg, Neukirchen-Vluyn und Amsterdam

What was the first I bought at the airport in Germany?

  • German apple and Bircher muesli (girly food)
My new mission: EURO 2016
My new mission: EURO 2016

After having done some repacking (useless things out, more city clothes in) I am on the road again. Next station – spectator volunteer at EURO2016 at Stade de France in Paris. I will keep you posted. 🙂