Bangkok – stories about the holy codfish, wedding proposals and organ markets

After three days I can give the all-clear – there will not be a follow-up of the “Hangover” movie with me as the leading lady.

Furthermore I am still struggling with jetlag and it “funny” accompanying symptoms. Hope I will come over it quickly. Well, complained enough – now its time to start exploring the city at 34 degrees.

Even at my second visit I am amazed by Bangkok which official name is Krung Thep Maha Nakhon:

  • During lunchtime we are strolling around Grand Palace with Chinese tourist groups (easyly recongizeable with their funny heads ore colourful group shirts) – in the evenings we are witness of a lovely hollywood like wedding proposal at 45st floor of a skybar.
Octavia Sky Bar Bangkok
  • The next day its time for our five-hour bike tour with Co. van Kessel around the markets of Chinatown where actually multiple animal organs are presented as ingredients for a delicious cooking session. After cycling through the green paradise of mango-, banana- and lemongrass fields we are feeding the holy cod fishes in the Khlongs (small parts of the river) – in the evenings we are enjoying the gourmet market of the posh Siam Paragon Shopping Center.
Bike tour with Co. van Kessel
Bike tour with Co. van Kessel

Bangkok is just such an amazingly divers city:

  • Next to brand new skyscrapers you still can find old traditional temples, ladyboys meet their sugar-daddys just a few streets away from the monks, Maserati sports cars are passing small street kitchens. In-between all the diversity – the emerging middle class of Thailand stuck on their huge smart phones.

Probably I will make it to Bangkok again one day. So far a great start for my world trip. Departure time to Chiang Mai – with 29 degrees nearly winter temperatures up there.

Viva Garden Residence Bangkok
Viva Garden Residence Bangkok